Impro Neuf

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Impro Neuf is Norway’s biggest improv community in Oslo! We have FREE beginner workshops that introduce you to the wonderful, spontaneous and strange world of improvised theatre. No prior experiences needed and no registration required either! Anyone can do improv, just bring a good attitude and a lot of laughter!

Impro Neuf Open workshop (Norwegian):

  • Tuesdays @ 18:00-20.00
  • Shows on Fridays @ 19:00

Impro Neuf Open workshop (English):

  • Wednesdays @ 18:00-20.00
  • Shows on Wednesday @ 20:15

As mentioned the workshops are FREE and we usually meet in Betong which is in the basement of Chateau Neuf! If you are unsure where it is then meet at the entrance of Chateau Neuf or you can ask the front desk.

Enjoy 2 hours jam packed with fun and laughter that will be sure to turn you into an improv junkie! We celebrate mistakes so don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, we’ll take care of you!

For updates about our shows and workshops, check out:

Impro Neuf – For shows and other info

Impro Neuf – Community/Åpen gruppe – International group

Impro Neuf loves you!