FILM: The Room

mandag 10. september 2018
kl. 19:0021:00
Pris: 60 / 40

“You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!”

Every once in a while there comes a film so bad… That it’s actually good. If there is one film that has mastered this art, it’s undoubtedly The Room. Rated as the best worst film ever made, The Room has firmly secured its position in cinematic history as a renown cult-classic and has gained a widespread international following since its release.

In this cinematic masterpiece we have the pleasure of following protagonist Johnny – just your average football-playing American guy – whose life will soon be turned upside down due the heart-wrenching acts of his fiancé Lisa.

The film became all the more relevant after “The Disaster Artist” came out in 2017, where James Franco depicts the unbelievable true story of the eccentric man who wrote, directed, produced, and starred himself as the main character in The Room. Inspired by classics such as Rebel Without a Cause, The Room invites you to sit back and enjoy 99 minutes of plot holes, absurd dialogue, cringe-worthy acting, framed pictures of spoons, casual football throws and pugs in flower shops. The Room ultimately leaves you with a surplus of quotable one-liners and, much like a wine that ages well, will somehow get better for every time you watch it.

Tommy Wiseau
99 min


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