KONSERT: BRA FOLK during UBI Nordic 2019

fredag 5. april 2019
kl. 20:00
Pris: 10

«Bra Folk» means «Good People» in Norwegian. That is not exclusively meant as a pat on their own backs, as the philosophy behind the band’s lyrics is that there is good in everyone. We all pass through lighter and darker stages in life, and «Superman» is not necessarily the best of us, to paraphrase one of Bra Folk’s tunes. Other songs imply that courage also might be to ask for help in times of need, or to reach out and embrace the imperfection and good intention, as well as the inherent worth, of the people around you.

Bra Folk also means «Good Folk Music», of course, and the band uses that term in a very eclectic way. The roots of the project lies in singer/songwriter music, but the musicians in the band jointly encompass a love for, and experience with, a wide spectre of genres, including jazz, world music, rock, prog, funk, pop and classical music. This breadth also shows in the flora of instruments in the band, which includes brass, reeds, accordion and percussion from all around the world. All the songs are homegrown, with Norwegian lyrics by Armand Lengali and English lyrics by Tobias Gustum Lindstad and Håvard Enge. Bra Folk has made an eponymous EP which is available online, and this summer, a full album will arrive, including a long list of guest musicians – all good people!

Håvard Enge: Vocals, keyboards.
Armand Lengali: Vocals, guitars.
Tobias G. Lindstad: Vocals, trombone, guitars.
Martin Koks: Percussion, backing vocals.
Metch: Drums, backing vocals
Jørgen A.Stubberud: Accordion, backing vocals
Jørn A. Sundt: Bass, backing vocals
Jonas M. N. Sørensen: Tuba, backing vocals.



Bandpage: www.facebook.com/brafolkband/
Music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZLJ1mgJMu0&t=21s

Concert starts at 20:00
Room: Betong

The concert is part of UBI Nordic 2019, arranged by BIEN Norway in collaboration with Det Norske Studentersamfund.
Full program: www.ubi-nordic.org/program
Full program facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/385973608638130/