fredag 14. april 2023
kl. 19:0021:00
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Arrangeres av Impro Neuf

Impro Neuf presents:

Clash of Titans!

In this super intensive improv duel, beeings from this world and beyond will clash together, improvising with sweat and tears for precious points from you!

Many among the greatest Titans of Impro Neuf are as you are reading this preparing in full sweat, sharpening the light-swords, bathing in car oil, sandpapering the vocal strings, piercing their skeleton with needle mats through their backs and memorizing all of the worlds literature. After a long 10-lightyear-lasting pilgrimage to the secret temple of ClashAztekMayanian, hidden in a foggy gorge at the end of a creek near São Paulo de Olivença in the majestic rainforest of the Amazon, the galactic Titans are clashing together this wednesday in an epic astronomical tornado of a Clash!

Is the homo habilis predecessor to Yax Ehb Xook the most spellbinding poet undiscovered by William Shakespeare holding your breath throughout the most heartfelt love story of all of the martians history?

ls Wanda Maximoff in the multiverse the greatest combiner of the most flabbergasting special effects Impro Neuf has seen to this date, feeling that 4K and USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) belongs to 14932 BD?

Will we hear the greatest rhyme-rapping crow working for Scotland Yard in 1889 at the whitechapel in the East End of London making you forget the zkillz of Eminem?

Shall the eve show the best embodied marble column of the great roman empire AD 103 in Rome getting you to wish you where a Gaulish warrior named Vercingetorix?

Experience the mesmerizing gaze of the best dancing cobra in the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt having you forget all about time and place ending up in the 9th chevron at the 37th glyph at the Einstein–Rosen bridge in SG-1?

YOU decide who the megasupernova winner team of the evening is, and which team that gets banned from Norway, and that must go in Chiquita-banana boxes floating to the Antartica, where they for 17 years must gather 169 billion snow crystals that they must prevent from melting.


We have open-level drop-in classes in English every wednesday at 18.00. It’s free!

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