Fotoklubben: Workshop with flash

Runhild Heggem Møte
Biblioteket Gratis

Hey everyone!!

We’d like to welcome you, next Monday for our traditional semester workshop! This time we’ll be playing with model photography. You’ll get the opportunity to learn and practice on how to direct a model, and how to play with compositions and lights. That will also be a fun opportunity to make your GRAND debut as a model!! (who said catwalk?) So do not hesitate to bring your fanciest clothes, accessories and your favorite cosplays. Or just come over and chit-chat around a good coffee and cookies.
Film and digital are both welcomed, so feel free to come with your camera and experiment with it. And for those who won’t have a camera don’t forget to bring a memory card to bring back your images with you.

As usual we meet in the main hall, and this time we’ll go to the library on second floor.

Om fotoklubben