FILM: Clueless

mandag 4. mai
kl. 18:00
Pris: 60 / 40
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This 90s instant classic ushered a new era of teen movies, proved that fun movies can still have great dialogue, and made an indelible fashion mark that hasn’t left. And oh yeah, it’s based on a Jane Austen novel.

Clueless? As if! Cher (yes, named after that Cher) is just your average teen in the Valley. Well, kind of. She’s got an enviable wardrobe, perfect hair, and a charmed life (she somehow hasn’t been arrested yet despite her atrocious driving). But she’s no mean girl – Cher wants to use her popularity to lift up friends and newcomers to her LA high school, and maybe help them find the perfect boyfriend while she’s at it. Intentions aren’t everything though, and Cher’s meddling begins to backfire. Can she save her social life, pass her driving test, and get all A’s while doing it? This is a feel-good teen movie. Of course she can!

Amy Heckerling
97 minutes