Impro Neuf

Annika Utz

Impro Neuf is the improvisation group at Chateau Neuf, and has both a Norwegian and an English group. Impro Neuf international meets every Monday, Impro Neuf every Tuesday. Our goal is to spread joy, beauty and a good mood.

The workshops are free, and no signing up or experience is needed. With a bit of luck, there are also some cold drinks at Glassbaren afterwards. We meet in Betong, which is in the basement of Chateau Neuf! If you don’t know where that is, just wait in the entrance area, we will pick you up.

We invite you to two hours with improvisation games and fun! We play, improvise scenes and love it when it goes wrong! If you want to develop your initiative, spontaneity and creativity, or if you just want to try it out, come and take part.

For updated information check out our facebook pages:

Workshops med Impro Neuf – the group is private, but we add you at request

Impro Neuf – for shows and other information

Impro Neuf International – our international group, where you find all the needed information in English