Become a member

Annika Utz

A membership in the Norwegian Student Society is a discount on student life!

Since 1813 the Norwegian Student Society has gathered students for cultural, political and social activities. As a member you get discount on drinks and food as well as event tickets.

You don’t have to be a student to become a member-maybe you just want to re-experience and re-live student life. With a membership you will get the same discount, irrespective of when you sat in a lecture the last time.

What do I get?

  • At least 25% discount on most events
  • Discount on drinks
  • Discount on meals at Glassbaren
  • Entry to intern parties (they are great!)
  • Possibility to take part in the country’s oldest student democracy

How do I become a member?


Get it on Google Play

With the app you can buy a membership, show a proof of your membership and see what’s happening at Chateau Neuf.


In Galtinn you can buy a membership with your credit or debit card. Use the app as a proof of membership.


You can also buy your membership at the bar at Chateau Neuf and get a physical membership. You will receive an SMS with a link to active your membership and to the app containing your proof of membership.

Become active

Do you want even better discounts, getting to know a lot of new people, having interesting and diverse tasks and a second home? Then you have to become active at Chateau Neuf! (Have a look at the different associations (foreninger) by clicking here or on the menu button)


A membership costs 100 NOK and is valid for one year from the day you buy the membership. The membership is not getting renewed automatically, you have to buy a new membership as stated above to continue being a member. If you bought a membership and did not get a SMS, register an account in Galtinn and confirm your phone number, then your membership should automagically be hooked up to your account.

If you still have questions, please send a mail to