The Watermelon Woman (1996)

mandag 15. november
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A truly unique and important piece.

When Cheryl sees the 1930’s film, Plantation Memories, she becomes fascinated by the beautiful black actress whose name wasn’t even mentioned in the credits. Instead, the actress was merely referred to as “The Watermelon Woman”.

Being a filmmaker, Cheryl decides that she will devote a film to uncovering the truth behind the talented woman who remained unnamed. Who was she, and what was she like?

With Philadelphia as her backdrop, we follow Cheryl along the hurdles of filmmaking, dating as a lesbian, and tackling everyday racism as an African American. Themes of racism, sexuality, gender, identity and representation are explored in an unfiltered, sharp, comedic style. Meanwhile the nuanced, flawed, characters serve to remind us of people’s unforgiving complexities.The element of truth to the film is heightened by its autobiographical aspects.

Written, directed, and edited by Cheryl Dunye, who also plays film-Cheryl,The Watermelon Woman was the first feature film to be directed by a black lesbian and is considered a landmark in New Queer Cinema. This is a film for the unrecognized, the voices we have not heard and the stories we have not seen. A truly unique and important piece.