The Mousetrap

lørdag 28. september 2019
kl. 18:0020:00
Pris: 100 / 70
Arrangeres av Teater Neuf

Once again Teater Neuf and Christiana Skortune bring you the world’s longest running play!

When a snowstorm traps a group of seemingly unrelated people at a countryside guesthouse, it soon becomes clear that none of them can be trusted. A murderer with a taste for a macabre nursery rhyme lurks among them, and is sure to strike again unless the guests (and their hosts) can figure each other out in time. Who is the murderer? Who has reason to fear them? Join us once again and find out!

Enjoy some early winter chills and put your sleuthing skills to work with our performance of this Agatha Christie classic! Can you figure out the identity of the murderer before the inevitable dramatic reveal?

The performance is in English. If you are feeling chilly the dress code is as follows: dark overcoat, light scarf and a soft felt hat.

Script & play rights obtained from Samuel French.


Mollie Ralston – Vesa Zeka

Giles Ralston – Mathias Olsen

Christopher Wren – Vegard Lefdal

Mrs. Boyle – Marianne Lindbeck

Major Metcalf – Andrei Faitas

Miss Casewell – Silje Lier

Lady Paravicini – Thora Soot

Detective Sergeant Trotter – Aslak Rustad Hauglid