The Fireman’s Ball (1967)

tirsdag 16. november
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Pris: 60 / 40
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A little town’s firemen’s ball turns into a total mess when local citizens show their true selves. The evening includes a ruined raffle, many arguments, a beauty contest, many thefts and some fire.

One of the Czechoslovak New Wave’s masterpieces was the first color movie of Miloš Forman as well as his last Czech one followed by the director’s emigration to the United States. The tragicomedy was banned for being «offensive» and it even made the firemen union protest. However the rumour has it that the firemen actually liked the movie and the protest was staged as an official excuse of the ban.

The Firemen’s Ball starring non-actors was nominated for an Oscar in foreign film category but since it was banned, Czechoslovak people were not told about the success. In 1989, after its reintroduction, film critique called it a satire on 60s communist society.