FILM: The Devils

tirsdag 10. september 2019
kl. 19:00
Pris: 60 / 40
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The shocking real-life story of a covenant of nuns allegedly possessed by the devil.

Based on the similarly named Aldous Huxley book “The Devils of Loudon”, this controversial film is a dramatized account based on the true story of Urbain Grandier (played by Oliver Reed), a 17th century priest who was burned at the stake for allegedly being responsible for the possession of a covenant of nuns. The film was initially not well received. It was heavily censored upon its release for its extreme content, and even condemned by the Vatican. However, in recent years its reputation has begun to recover, with a lot of praise directed particularly towards the main actors’ performances and the strikingly beautiful visuals. This bold and beautiful film has garnered quite a cult following, with Philip French of the Guardian going so far as to call it “a landmark in British Cinema.”

The film is an experience first and foremost, so come and see what all the hype is about!

Ken Russell
United Kingdom
106 min