TEATER: The tragedy of Macbeth

lørdag 26. september
kl. 14:30
Pris: 100 / 70
Arrangeres av Teater Neuf

Teater Neuf presents «The Tragedy of Macbeth» a play about always wanting more than you have.

With a recent victory in war, a prophecy on his side and a ruthless wife, Macbeth decides to seize the throne of Scotland. However, everything has its price. The pursuit for power leaves stains of blood and a constantly growing fear and guilt. In this interpretation of the tragedy Teater Neuf explores the dark, macabre and mad of human nature, with the text itself in centre. Though the play is several hundred years old we can still recognise parts of ourselves and society in it. This modern English version shows raw human emotions in a simplistic wrapping. Come join the madness!

– we play in english!
– not suited for kids under 14

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