Learn improv for free! (English)

terje brevik Impro Sosialt Teater
Betong Gratis
Impro Neuf International workshops

Improv is theater without a script. Our workshops teach you to tease your funny brain, think on your feet and react more quickly to all the curveballs on the stage – and in life!

This weekly workshop is organized by Impro Neuf International:


General Information:

* Beginner workshops (Level 1) at 18.00-20.00 are open to all levels, and no experience is necessary to join. It’s free of charge – you can drop-in any time, as often as you like. Workshops are in the basement hall BETONG or at third floor theatre STORSALEN.

* Intermediate workshops (Level 2) at 19.00-21.00 are for INI L2 members. You must have at least 1 year experience and know improv basics to apply for membership. Please ask the teacher before joining.