Ixcanul (2015)

tirsdag 19. oktober 2021
kl. 19:0022:00
Pris: 60 / 40
Arrangeres av Cinema Neuf

In his directorial debut, Jayro Bustamante managed to cover psychological and social topics in a slow paced minimalistic story with a beautiful cinematography. The movie brings a critical view on contemporary Guatemala using rural symbolism and focusing on female characters. Ixcanul is a story of 17-year-old María, daughter of coffee cultivators living in a harsh rural environment in Guatemala. She is arranged to be married to the foreman of plantation but gets involved with a younger man who longs to get to the United States.

You might need subtitles for the movie since it was filmed in Kaqchikel, the language of native Guatemalans. In Kaqchikel the word ixcanul means a volcano but also “the internal force of the mountain which boils looking for eruption.” And the ixcanul boils while María is dealing with her own internal force ready to erupt.