Improv Wednesday Show!

onsdag 30. november
kl. 20:0022:00
Pris: 70 / 50
Arrangeres av Impro Neuf

Featuring a selection of house teams of Impro Neuf. A wonderful mix of teams set to create fun for us on stage! Anything can happen: comedy, drama, tragedy, sci-fi, thriller, horror…that’s improv baby!

Teams playing this wednesday:

Egg Squish It is a team of four ‘eggsperienced’ and ‘eggcelent’ improvisers who like to ‘eggsperiment’ with spontaneous theatre and ‘yolk’ around.

Egg Squish It likes to let their scenes develop spontaneously and naturally, and let whatever happens, happen. Just like an egg can be turned into many different dishes, an idea can be turned into many different delicious performances. Just as eggs provide nutrition, the improvisers aim for their show to provide sustenance as well as entertainment. Come to the show and see what they are hatching!

Marienettes is a trio formed of three improvisers trained at the Nette school of impro. If you think of their style as a dish, you will find that among the Nettes;

– Marie is the spice that heightens the experience, while keeping it just at the right temperature.
– Harald is the sweet aftertaste which stays with you the whole night. One burp, and its back in your mouth.
– Terje is their third member.

Why eat anywhere else?

Zeroes & Ones delves deep into the realm of longform narrative, exploring all sides of the human experience. Dark or light, dragons, wizards or just an office worker? Who knows, join us and let us find out together.

The Improv Speakeasy is the founding house team of Impro Neuf International. We love high culture and lowbrow humor: you can never guess if the next scene will be a Shakespearean tragedy or Family Guy. A curious mix of actors, hula hoopists, architects, neurobiologist and cloud scientist, we aim for both heart and brain in one show. Official:

Come earlier at 18:00 to join our open-level Wednesday drop-in classes. It’s free!


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