Improv Friday Show!

fredag 25. november 2022
kl. 19:0021:00
Pris: 70 / 50
Arrangeres av Impro Neuf

Featuring a selection of house teams of Impro Neuf. A wonderful mix of teams set to create fun for us on stage! Anything can happen: comedy, drama, tragedy, sci-fi, thriller, horror…that’s improv baby!

Teams playing this friday:

SWIPE is Arnikas signature show. It’s an improvised, music infused duo show, where the audience chooses the characters. The characters are generated on the spot, and the audience votes instantly on whether they want to see the character in the show or not. Get ready to dive into the reality of the chosen characters. Get to know them, their strengths, flaws and secrets. Would you allow your daughter to become a garbage truck driver? Will Teddy finally be able to tell the truth to aunt Cathy? The stage is set. What drama appears no one knows.

A two-person improvised show that plays with humor, tension and dynamics – exploring the light and dark between us. Kristine Slotina and Kevin Gow conjure suspenseful characters and scenarios out of thin air. Experience stories discovered before your very eyes.

Bio: Free Foxes is an international improvised theater duo: Kevin Gow and Kristine Slotina. They founded and run the Oslo Online Improv Workshops. They love all the inclusive, diverse and beautiful human values of improv.

Loose Connections is a group of 5 people loosely connected to 12 countries, bringing love and laughter to the stages of Oslo whenever the opportunity arises.

A selection Impro Neufs most experienced musical improvisers performing together with special guest Lisa Lynn.

Lisa is an award-winning actress who performs most weekends improvising musicals at HOOPLA Comedy Club, Arkstar and various venues across London. At Impro Neuf she will be teaching four workshops on musical and a capella improv during the weekend of November 26-27.

Join Impro Neuf, a super-fun, multicultural community with members from 40+ countries: