Improv class for newbies: Part 1 (English)

terje brevik Sosialt Teater
Betong Gratis

“The world would a better place if everyone took one improv class.”
– Jay Sukow, The Second City

Impro Neuf International begins our 3rd year of English improvised theater workshops in Oslo! This newbie class is specially made for people’s very first time at improv – how to throw away your fears, trust your instincts, and build fun scenes with others. Join our weekly classes, and along the way you will learn the building blocks of improv, such as:
– Being Fearless
– Listening & Yes And-ing
– Playing Characters
– Creating Space & Objects
– Being in the Moment

Improv for Newbies comes in 3 parts: you can join any or all of them.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

No experience required. Whether you want to play with your imagination, unleash your creativity, build confidence in yourself, be a better decision maker and team player.. or try something new just for the hell of it – we’re going to have fun doing it. And, it’s 100% free of charge 😉

Impro Neuf International is Oslo’s biggest international improv community, supported by Impro Neuf and The Student Society of Norway. Our teachers are volunteer-based improv enthusiasts who love to play, perform, and teach this quirky art form!


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