Improv Comedy Wednesday: Hee Ha Who / Goal Diggers / Petunias

onsdag 12. februar
kl. 20:15
Pris: 70 / 50

It’s Impro Neuf International’s first show of the decade!

Impro Neuf International brings you Oslo’s premier English improv comedy! From an audience suggestion, every scene is made up in front of your eyes without a script, like magic. Fresh shows every week by a rotation of teams hosted by Loose Connections and The Improv Speakeasy.


They say variety is the spice of life, and with all the international flavor in this team, we make it extra spicy on stage! Blending together a delicious diversity of cultures with a shot of courage, a dash of humor and a sprinkle of sweetness, you are in for a tasty, fast-paced, loud and energetic long-form feast! Team members include: Alejandro Saksida, Øyvind Dragsten, Oskar Nybråten, Rosa Molina, and Elena M Slominski, as well as Ania Bujko and Andrew Becker (in spirit if not on stage). Coached by: Kevin Gow and Annika Ha.

We go for goal! Goal Diggers is Halley De Korne, Elin Arntzen, Mona Abdel-Fadil and Nikki Michelle Soo.

Petunias were originally seeded behind the iron curtain, each in their own country, that is to say in Poland and Hungary. After the curtain dropped and their pots were getting too tight they got exported to Oslo, Norway in different curious ways. Although the cold north is not exactly their climate, they got assimilated quite well. «Petunias» today is improv phenomenon were stories of love and adventure bloom on stage in a beautiful setting of imaginary nature.
Petunias is Brigitta Peto and Natalia Wydra.

Loose Connections, arguably Oslo’s most international improv troupe, is currently comprised of 8 indiviudals who are more or less loosely connected to a dozen countries of origin. We’ve been performing together in English, since 2017. Our personal inclinations and international composition loosely inspires us to improvise about multicullturalism and the absurd. Loose Connections is still searching for Oslo-based improvisers from Oceania and Antarctica, afterwhich, we expect global domination.



Room: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Doors open 20:00
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 50 NOK online / 70 NOK door



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