Improv Comedy Special: Alice in Improvland (EN)

onsdag 18. september 2019
kl. 20:0022:00
Pris: 70 / 50
Arrangeres av Impro Neuf

Impro Neuf International brings you Oslo’s premier English improv comedy! From an audience suggestion, every scene is made up in front of your eyes without a script, like magic. Fresh shows every week by a rotation of teams hosted by The Improv Speakeasy.


Before “Netflix and chill” was invented, adult humans had to come up with their own lame excuses for initiating sex. Using the ancient technology of voice calling, males and females initiated courtship rituals such as “having a drink.» But a new threat to the species is emerging: Will finger messaging “Netflix and chill?” be enough to ensure the species’ survival? Will they die out when they forget how to create new oral excuses for sex? Or will alcohol save the day?
Join Bad Booty Call, a small group of humans who are preserving the sacred oral tradition of making shit up… to save the human race. Bad Booty Call is Nikki, Terje, Varuna, Kevin, Bouwe, and Natalia.

In Pinterquint, Sverre and Arne likes to explore peculiar relationships and odd sides of life. Through their two-person improv show the audience is taken on a journey with characters familiar to everyone, but who few really knows.

Alice in Improvland is a damn serious show – that is, until Alice falls into a rabbit hole, then all bets are off! In this improvised spinoff of Lewis Carroll’s beloved children’s tale, we dive into the fantastical world of the most wonders of wonders, filled with the Queens of Hearts (maybe, we don’t know), the Mad Hatter (maybe), a smoking caterpillar (maybe) and grinning cats (yes please!). All the while dealing with the real consequences of Alice’s half day as a missing person. Where does reality end and fantasy begin? Audience gets to decide who Alice is and what kind of hole she falls into (be polite now).

The Improv Speakeasy is the founding house team of Impro Neuf International. We love high culture and lowbrow humor: you can never guess if the next scene will be a Shakespearean tragedy or Family Guy. A curious mix of clowns, actors, hula hoopists, museum curators, doctors and neuroscientists, we aim for both heart and brain in one show.
Speakeasy is Aree Witoelar, Johanne Hofseth, Sverre Breian, Robin Sverd, Magnus Aasheim, Benedicte Alnæs, Eivind Hildre Spilling and Helene Holbæk. Official:



Room: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf 2nd floor
Doors open 20:00
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 50 NOK online / 70 NOK door



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