Improv Show Wednesdays (English)

terje brevik Show Teater
Lillesalen 50 / 30

IMPRO NEUF WEDNESDAYS is the newest badass comedy show in town. Starting from August 30th, Chateau Neuf presents weekly English improv shows (completely unscripted!) from a fresh variety of Oslo improv teams. It’s different teams every Wednesday, and you get to sample like it’s Julebord all year!

Room: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Duration: 1,5 hours maybe
Tickets: ONLY 50 NOKs!* (30 NOK for CN-members)

For our promotion launching period, BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! (Only for online purchases). Link will be available at

*This series is brought to you by the non-profit organization Impro Neuf. Join our fun community of Impro Neuf International for more English improv and free beginner workshops!