terje brevik Impro Teater
Lillesalen Kjøp billett (100 / 50)

Impro Neuf proudly welcomes you to the first Oslo Impro Festival!

Performing teams:

Gibberish – Gibberish was founded in 2014 at the ISAK centre in Trondheim, a cultural centre for young people who want to perform, create or experience culture. Gibberish performs, teaches and organizes activities related to improvised theatre. Gibberish is an open, inclusive and integrative association that uses and teaches principles of improvised theatre as a communication and interaction tool. Such principles are amongst other, but not limited to: trust, collaboration, acceptance, attentive listening, spontaneity, storytelling, nonverbal communication and warm-ups.

Only Human – We are an improv comedy ensemble of 7 people (1 Pole, 1 Maltese, 1 Irish & 4 Danes) who have performed and trained at least once a week for over a year. Our stomping ground is Improv Comedy Copenhagen, where we perform long form shows twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The ensemble is very motivated to continue to learn, do great shows and challenge ourselves. Several of the team’s members also teach improv.

Pinterquint – Sverre and Arne likes to explore peculiar relationships and odd sides of life. Through their two-person show the audience is taken on a journey with characters known to everyone, but few really knows.

RAT Finks – R is for Ronald A is for Aree T is for Terje == RAT A “rat fink” is a person within a (often criminal) organization who snitches to the police about who committed a crime or bad deed, often to save his own skin! RAT Finks is a super-fun long-form improv group mashed from the deep underbellies of international organized crime – from the exotic Indonesia, exotic Norway, and exotic USA! They would break rules to save their own scenes!

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