GalleriNeuf presents: “Fuglen”

Emilie Leikarnes Utstilling
Galleriet Gratis

Welcome to our new spring exhibition!
GalleriNeuf presents:
“Fuglen” by artist Stine Raastad.

Tuesday 25/4 – 19:00!!
There will be a chance to meet the artist, wine and good company!

Wedensday 26/4 – 18:00-20:00
Thursday 27/4 – 18:00-20:00
Friday 28/4 – 18:00-20:00
Saturday 29/4 – 13:00-16:00
Sunday 30/4 – 13:00-16:00

Photography is the medium Stine Raastad choses to express herself with, in addition it is an area for experimentation as we can see in the work she will exhibit at GalleriNeuf.

In the experimentation she folds photographs to create new and exciting dimensions. Her aim is to challenge the photography’s two dimension surface to gain attention to the more tactile and living image. She transforms her photographs from a passive two dimension state to a more alive and innovative three dimension experience.

The use of origami gives her a chance to create shapes and expressions at her will, where the pictures can have a calm flow and scream at the same time.

Photography is known to have strict boarders, however Raastad uses her talents with origami to bristle these lines. It lets her experiment with sculpture and the physics of this process.

Stine Raastad (b. 1989) has studied Graphic Design at Norges Kreative Fagskole (2010-11), and Photography at Norges Kreative Høyskole in Oslo (2011-13) and Oslo Photography School (2014-16).