GalleriNeuf: Exhibition by Sandra Burek

Emilie Leikarnes Utstilling
Galleriet Gratis

Welcome the first exhibition this fall!
GalleriNeuf presents:
“The dematerialization of marked” by artist Sandra Burek.

Tuesday 17/10 – 19:00!!
There will be a chance to meet the artist, drink wine and have a good time!

Wedensday 18/10 – 18:00-20:00
Thursday 19/10 – 18:00-20:00
Friday 20/10 – 18:00-20:00
Saturday 21/10 – 13:00-16:00
Sunday 22/10 – 13:00-16:00

About the artist:

The polish artist Sandra Burek work range from drawings, artist books, sculpture and installation, as well as experimenting in programming and sound. This range will be clear to see in this exhibition, “The dematerialization of marked”.

Rooted in a subjective expression of memory and language Bureks art invite you to take initiative and explore these concepts. She seeks to create a visual representation of memory. Researching art, philosophers and thinkers of our time and the past, and from there working a collective and an individual representation of memory into her work. She describes the process of memorizing as an algorithm, where the outcome is often probable and approximate. A memory is affected by our circumstances and observations, working both with us and against us. An algorithm can be implemented in the process of memorizing as a connection of networks, where memory becomes a motion of awareness and concentration. In her work she makes a subjective attempt to illustrate the process of memorizing in abstract drawings and paintings. How one memory is connected to another, that again can be connected to another or more memories.

The concept of memory and time passing is a common denominator in Bureks work. Her art shows her attempt at visualising how the passing of time and the impact of nature, affect the circumstances and appearance of an object. Where the object becomes a visual representation of memory and history, of culture, economy and language. She shows how drawing or sculpture can be a tool to express self-knowledge of the world, and of your own individual experience.

The art is a result of thorough research and experimentation, creating a range that show how the artist is present in her work and how the work in it self has presence.

Sandra Burek (b. 1984) studied fine art at Academy of Fine Art Trondheim, from 2015- 2017, in the international MFA program. And at the University of Arts Poznań in Poland from 2007-2012.
She has exhibited her art in solo and collaboration exhibits both in Norway, Poland and Italy.