English Improv Comedy

terje brevik Impro Show Teater
Lillesalen Kjøp billett (50 / 30)

IMPRO NEUF INTERNATIONAL is proud to present Oslo’s first weekly improv comedy shows in English. Hosted by The Improv Speakeasy, we bring fresh pickings of the city’s talents onto the limelight. It’s a different team every Wednesday!

Performing for Impro Neuf Wednesday: How I Learn to Skip Dinner and Love Your Mom

Johanne and her delinquent kids Thomas, Petter and Aiwei are hungry for food in SKIPPING DINNER; Sara and her ex-crushes Jørgen and Liban are hungry for love in HOW I MET SARA; and the loveable Kristin and his elves Eivind, Aree and Johanne are hungry for revenge in SPEAKEASY.

Room: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf
Doors open 19:30 (Show starts no later than 20:00)
Duration: 1-1,5 hours

Tickets: only 50 NOK* (30 NOK for CN-members)
BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE when you purchase in advance: https://improneuf.ticketco.no/nb/e/wednesday_dec_6

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