FILM: Being There – 35mm

Visa Mäntysalo Film Supermandag
Lillesalen 60 / 40

Life is a state of mind.

A naïve reclusive gardener is released into the world when his millionaire employer dies. Only knowing about life outside the garden from what he has seen on TV, he manages his way through a series of misunderstandings and with a little luck manages to infiltrate Washington’s political sphere.

In this sober satire Peter Sellers plays the innocent gardener with a perfect sense of humor. Another brilliant appearance is made by Shirley MacLaine in the role of a loving housewife who falls in love with the gardener. The film plays with how people project ideas and significance into the words of others based on their appearance, the gardener is a well-dressed and soft-spoken man who speaks in very simple sentences, which the rest of the characters interpret as wise and profound.

With an ending that is still talked about until this day, this insightful film will surprise the viewer.

Hal Ashby
35 mm
130 min


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