A Curious Improv Comedy Festival in the Night-Time 4

Chateau Neuf
lørdag 2. mai
kl. 11:00
Pris: Gratis
Arrangeres av Impro Neuf

Impro Neuf International is here for our annual celebration of improv theatre: 100+ PLAYERS. ONE DAY. 12 HOURS OF COMEDY. Spend your life at Chateau Neuf with all-you-can-improv.

In improv, everything is made up by the actors on the fly. Every scene you see will be performed for exactly the first and the last time. No one knows what will happen: it’s spontaneous, it’s crazy, and it’s always once-in-a-lifetime!

FESTIVAL LENGTH: 12:00-00:00

SURGEON’S WARNING: 12 hours of non-stop improv may cause overdose. Pick your favorite teams to watch, take a break and chill out at our cool Chateau’s cozy bars, and get in for some more. At the end of the night, you can join a jam session.